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About Us

Strengthening your Business Efficiency and Flexibility through ICT by providing you with a unified communication infrastructure.

WIA Group has over ten years’ experience applying advanced technology infrastructure and networking. We have also helped leading technology and engineering companies implement numerous IT projects.

Our mission is simple: make technology an asset for your business. By combining leading-edge business strategies and IT knowledge, we develop innovative, efficient and effective solutions that keep businesses one-step ahead in their markets.

We aim to be a partner of choice for service providers, governments and enterprises on the African continent, helping them to create, build and maintain the most innovative and cost-effective communications networks.

Our solutions and strategies cater to our clients’ business requirements and ensure we keep their customers’ needs first.

As your technology partner, we strive to make technology integrate seamlessly with your enterprise or institutional mandate so you can focus on the delivery of your core services to your clients, and accelerate the growth of your business.

Our firm offers a full range of ICT solutions including Infrastructure, IaaS, ITaaS, Big Data, Security and collocation. We also provide IT Consultancy Services, Managed Services and VAS solutions.

We work closely with select partners leveraging their networks and our operational experience to provide turnkey solutions.

Our Focus

  • Infrastructure

We aim to reduce your ownership cost for shared utilities and clouds services by building an infrastructure to carry and host your data. Through our colocation services at the Data Center we offer flexible options for managed hosting and storage creating a unified communications platform. The various options allow a company to pick a specific solution that will cater to the capacity and scalability they need.

  • Connectivity

Our IP/MPLS VPN gives you a choice of access options to numerous points of presence and combines all of the points into a shared core so there is only one network to manage.Connect all your offices together on a single and secure VPN that is ready to handle everything from email to converged applications.

  • Logistics

We facilitate procurement of high-end ICT platforms through multiple vendors and to different locations. Your company will gain access to leading technical experts across multiple technology areas for the delivery of your turnkey solution.

  • Technology & Telecommunications

We are a premier grade service provider and our infrastructure is continuously upgraded to accommodate the high demand for broadband IP Network globally.

  • Media

Using the latest networking technologies, we provide cost-effective, on-demand solutions for repurposing content to multiple end-devices – from smart phones to HD Displays using the same bandwidth. The Group service is targeted to provide secure, scalable and easy-to-use convergence triple play services that are access independent.

  • Management & Support

Our managed platform, optimized network, and technology consultancy offer you high level support and management of your technology systems and infrastructure. Our SLAs are set to protect your investment.

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Executive Team

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Our Investments & Partners

Investment Portfolio

LTE Technology

Our 4G network allows us to securely carry and deliver your traffic with high speeds, assuring effective mission critical data and heavy business application transmission. Our solution for Cloud and Security gives you the reliability you need for business confidentiality. Mobility is also key to business and our LTE network allows you to carry out mobile solutions/applications that will expand your business operations.

Fiber XpressNetwork

We have a premium Right of Way to a nationwide fiber network connected to the national grid. This allows us to seamlessly extend triple play services in our urban and remote areas and in doing so allow provision of Smart Grid Solutions.

Our Fiber Network brings true broadband service experience for fast growing urban cities in Tanzania. Our wired optics-based systems can deliver a multitude of digital information from voice, video and data more efficiently than traditional copper coaxial cable.

Cyber Security

We provide Cyber Security Management Solutions for your infrastructure, helping to protect your organizations information and enable them to achieve security compliance standards.
Our services range from network security, cloud security, security management, and applications security.


ARX will provide world-class technology infrastructure, making Tanzania a ‘Pivot Point’ for ICT convergence. ARX will bring true convergence accelerating the consolidation of infrastructure and ITaas(IT as a service) to the region.

ARX facilities will include the following;A top tier Data Centre, Call center, Disaster Recovery, Warehousing/ Archiving facility, E-Biz facilities and E-Gov services, and Electronic Assembly and Distribution Plant.


Investee Companies